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mom%20and%20dad Without these two people I would not have been born. Where are they now? My father is dead. Saw himself as a cowboy. Wrote a few songs I later threw away. Loved Hank Williams. Smashed a lot of his original 78s against the basement wall. He was a drunk. He worked in the slaughterhouses. Loved animals. Had to kill them to make a living. Dead at 56.
communion I was born into a Catholic family. That’s me at my holy communion. I received a plastic bag of rubber soldiers as a gift.
house_92 That is not a house but a wooden shack. Somebody brought it on a truck and planted it down in the middle of nowhere. Hunter’s Point. Dead end street. So called Ghetto. World War 2 housing projects overlooking our front yard. My mother kept a garden. The shack is still there.
codypapa That’s my father and me sitting on the front steps of the house with one of his dogs.
hero1982%20 The guy you see holding the turkey and the trophy of Elvis is me in the film Hero from Alexandre Rockwell. I play a cowboy. You can’t see it but behind me is a New York City Checker Cab. Alex would ship it to Europe in 1982 and we would drive it to the Berlin Film Festival with the meter running. Alex and I would make two feature films together.The other was Lenz based upon the Georg Büchner Novella. Read what the critics said.
meandmom That’s a photograph of my mother and I taken at an exhibition "MY NAME IS HUNTER'S POINT" at Cameraworks in San Francisco that the photographer Susan Schwartzenberg and I developed together. Susan did all the work putting up the show since I was in Berlin or in Moscow or somewhere else. I did make it back for the show.